Kong’s Butt


Kong’s Dildo and Butt series NTD 2,280 /ea
“You’re the witness to
what I’ve got to offer.”
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Let the Asian dude get hold of you.

The toned gluteal muscles and the pores are here to serve.


  • 100% Kong-molded

  • Supports civic activism

  • Proudly made in Taiwan

  • Compliments your fantasies

Product Details

  • Collaboration with Peck Design Studio—production design team on Taiwanese film Dream Flight.
  • The toned gluteal muscles and the pores are clear to see.
  • Every feature on his anus awaits your penetration.
  • The sturdy and luscious texture of brings you the sensation beyond imagination.
  • With one person on either side rubbing each other’s cockheads, Kong’s Butt allows ultimate stimulation to the rocking hoods.
  • With every product purchased comes with a free lubricant (100ml)
  • Pamphlet with full documentation of Kong’s record and interview.
  • 3.5% of every product’s revenue is donated to activist and medical sex therapy NGO group “Hand Angel”.
  • Length: 23cm; Width: 15cm; Height: 30cm; Weight: 2.5 kg.
  • Made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

About Kong

Taiwanese activist Kong has always wanted to be a sex worker. During college Kong devoted himself in non-mechanical enlargement means and started to gain fame after sharing it online.

He would also post controversial videos in order to challenge the law, and while doing so, invite his audience to push boundaries with him, as well. He found out that current regulations in the field are too narrow and outdated, and the administrative institutions often lack the necessary awareness towards sexual minorities.

He was then driven to looking into relative laws and dedicate his effort to social movement. He is now a member of a medical sex therapy NGO group, Hand Angel (手天使).

In 2015, his attempt for the penis molding model was a success, and thus the “Kong’s Dildo and Butt” product series. And now it’s all yours.

In Kong's Own Word

Putting an object inside me is terrifying. It’s not just the pain. It’s also the feeling of being lost in pleasure – not in the power to control – as if my body’s gone wild.

The deeper it goes, the more I realize that there’s no shame in my involuntary convulsion. The lust and the wanting, doesn’t make me any lesser. In the world of sensuality, climax is team work – we ascend to the top together.

Tie me up and I’ll squirm in plea. You’ll ignore me and attack from the back. But when I strike back while you’re hard at work, it only drives you crazier. PUNISH ME.

(Photo/Piez Studio