Paramerotic & Firebreaker


Fight disasters, save lives, and save your desires NT$2,080

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Fight disasters, save lives, and save your desires

We respect firefighters who save lives from disasters, who rescue people in emergency and go in and out of dangers, sweating their ass off when they are almost unable to watch out for themselves.

That’s why Exotica creates the Firefighter Union series, combining the image of firefighter with the urgent desire of men. Two models of masturbators, "Firebreaker" and "Paramerotic," will squeeze out all your cum, at the same time inviting you to care about the labor rights of the firefighters.

The equipment and facilities that are used by firefighter to contain the fire are the basis for the mold that shapes the masturbators. Creatively blending nozzle with fire hydrant, the design of the toy breaks away from the traditionally dull shape of common masturbators, making it easy for you to both wank and hold still, with the concerns for the smoothness and comfort of your handgrip in our mind. The undulate body shape of the toy will correspond to your jerking rhythm, and jerking off will no longer be a simple physical movement.

Design of Sleeves

See through Paramerotic


  • A Striped Balls

    Discover a brand new world when you turn 120 degrees in this three-dimensional obstacle race.

  • B Small Dots Stimulation

    After the obstacles, there is a road to heaven paved with small dots, an ultimate passageway awaiting your penetration.

  • C Muscle Circle

    During thrusting, the circle will suddenly contract, attacking on the corona of your penis.

See through Firebreaker


  • C Muscle Circle

    During thrusting, the circle will suddenly contract, attacking on the corona of your penis

  • D Protruding Dots Training

    Delicately stimulate all parts of your penis, fueling your desire.

  • E Giant Ball Training

    They always say that unreasonable training is to hone you, that’s why a sensitive glans needs a giant to train.

  • F Tightening Calves

    Life finds a way, and cum will only leaks out if the road is narrow a way that is so narrow that your cum will be so eager to come through.

Smooth air and vacuum suction: You get to tighten and loosen

While you are jerking off, you can simultaneously rotate the rear of the toy, adjusting the amount of air in the air vent. When the vent is completely shut, it will create the effect that is similar to vacuum suction, adding the friction created by the force of thrusting, as if someone was pulling you at the front; while with the vent open, thrusting will be so smooth that you won’t give a shit about anyone, because you are too high up in the air.

Do not resist the urge to share, but don't forget to clean up ;)

Made in Taiwan, Aim for the World

"Firebreaker" and "Paramerotic" are consistent with Erotica’s golden principle: every part of the toy is made in Taiwan. Even though the cost is considerably higher than those made in China, we reject to sacrifice the quality of the product just so that we can sell cheap stuff in great amount.

Rather, Erotica proposes unique design, and then invites small factories in Taiwan to cooperate. Meanwhile, the quality, safety, and meticulousness of the product are all qualified to compete among international level. In the 2015 Asian Adult Exposition in Hong Kong, Erotica already won many acknowledgements. Erotica hopes that, if there is opportunity, we can surpass other masturbators at the moments when your desire burns so hard! You would choose "Firebreaker" and "Paramerotic" over other common masturbators as your ideal companions when your desire burns hot and hard!

Product Features

  • Two kinds of unique sleeves to end your hesitation.
  • A design that is easy to grip and solid enough for fucking.
  • Rotatable air vent for you to adjust intensity levels.
  • Proudly made in Taiwan.


  • Length of outer skull 24.5cm, Width 13.5cm.
  • Length of inner sleeve 19.5cm, penetrable.